Artist acknowledges and fully understands the following terms: Payment is required upon completion of each session. Payment may be made by cash, check, or card. There is a $35 fee for returned checks. No session files will be delivered to the Artist, Artist Representative, or Affiliate until all studio bills are paid in full. All sessions are expected to begin on time. Please understand that we will bill clients from the beginning of their scheduled time regardless of what time that they arrive. The Artist is responsible for bringing in their own tracks, on either a flash drive, CD, DropBox link, or email. It is understood that we do not rip any music off YouTube or other sources that we feel are infringing on the copyrighted material of others. No smoking or drug usage of any type is allowed in the studio facility. Underage drinking is absolutely prohibited. When the engineer is working on your project, that time is billable. This includes when you are present in the studio with the engineer. But it may also include other times when the engineer is working on your project, such as doing requested edits, mastering, “bouncing” a rough mix, or uploading your tracks. Transferring your session files to your hard drive ties up the studio and therefore is also billable time. Often your engineer can find ways to reduce the amount of billable time outside of your attended sessions, so it is a good idea to discuss this ahead of time. Any damage that occurs to Castle Row Studios’ property (equipment, furniture, supplies, etc.) is the full responsibility of the artist and will be billed for any damages that occur due to you, your musicians, or guests during your time at Castle Row Studios. Private lounge areas are available for your convenience. You may bring your own food and beverages and store them in the refrigerator or you may order food to be delivered. Food and drink may be brought into the studio but must be kept away from equipment racks, console, instruments, etc. If you did not book the studio, you may not use the lounge. Unless other arrangements are made, no musical equipment is permitted to be left at Castle Row Studios when your session time is over. Cancellation/Reschedule policy is no later than 48 hours prior to scheduled session date and time. Not meeting this policy will result in a $80 late cancellation/reschedule fee. All vlogs and photos that abide the studio agreement are permitted. Any music video or commercial material shot in our facility must be approved beforehand, and cleared before being distributed.