This Membership Agreement , when accepted by the applicant and accepted by Castle Row Studios constitutes a binding contract between Castle Row Studios and the individual or entity executing the name field of this Agreement. Membership rights, privileges and obligations commence as of the date of this form submission. Any and all membership privileges obtained through this membership agreement may be revoked or changed at any time with prior notice to member. At any point during this contract the Member may change their membership level with prior written notice to Castle Row Studios. Member agrees they meet all membership requirements and will notify company if any requirements are not met during the time of the agreement term. Clients information will be documented as below but may be updated or changed at any point of agreement term. Termination This agreement shall remain in effect until one or more of the following occur: Member fails to meet any requirements of membership. Company terminates Membership Agreement. If billing issues arise, Castle Row Studios will make every reasonable effort to notify you and give you time to resolve the issue. If no response is received or if member notifies Castle Row that it would no longer wish to continue service within the 6 month obligation then membership will be immediately terminated and member will be charged a $150 early termination fee. Memberships cancelled within the obligation period may not be reinstated until balance of previous agreement is paid. Notices Except under extenuating circumstances, any and all communications in regards to this contract shall be delivered either personally or by certified letter to Castle Row Studios. All member notices will be delivered by forms deemed necessary by Castle Row Studios. Castle Row Studios reserves the right to make any and all necessary changes to the terms and conditions of this program at any point.Significant changes to the program will be delivered in writing to current members. Assignment Without prior written approval no portion of this contract may be transferred or sold to any party not participating in this membership agreement. No Warranties No warranties are given or implied by this membership agreement. Effectiveness and Interpretation of Agreement Any and all legal proceedings sustained from this agreement shall be set in the jurisdiction of Oklahoma County, Oklahoma as agreed between parties. This membership agreement sets forth the entire understanding of above mentioned agreement and unless otherwise stated is not inclusive of any oral or prior written agreements. Any modifications or changes to this agreement must be in written form and signed by both parties.