The “record deal” is long overdue for change.  When your music doesn’t chart in the first 9 months, you’re cut. When your music does chart, you gain very little because your "deal" is paying for the losses of so many other failures. That just didn’t sit right with us.  So we decided to change it.

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*Producer/Engineer fees not included.


What is Digital Distribution:

Digital distribution is the publishing of music to online streaming outlets.  The goal is to reach your audience on all the top listening platforms i.e. Spotify, iTunes & Google Play and receive royalties from your downloads and streams.  Most artists only have access to retail distribution such as cdbaby, distrokid, etc. We decided that just wasn’t good enough.  The Castle Row team has worked diligently to bring you something better and it is here now.  We have created an avenue for our artists to have access to outlets thought to be only available to “major labels”, all the while, keeping it extremely cost effective!

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Making sense of your data:

Your platinum membership offers real time data that provides you with systematic information on how well your music is performing.  Once your song is distributed, it is vital to track it’s progress.  With the guidance of a dedicated consultant that monitors playlists and social activity, we can help optimize your release strategy.  This information is one of the key elements in giving you insight into your release.

Below is an example of what your dashboard would look like. This data is delivered to you directly by your Artist Consultant:

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Is there a term?

By offering this program, we are investing heavily in YOU, the artist. Because of that investment, we want only committed artists looking to further their careers. There is an initial 6 month term with no further obligation beyond. After the first 6 month period, your membership will continue month to month until you decide you no longer need the service. (Which we doubt will happen!)

What all can be done with the venue space?

The venue space is the stage area located in Studio A. This is often used for tracking sessions but members may use the space for anything from rehearsal to small listening parties. You may invite guests as you wish but we do ask for a limit of 25 guests in the main stage area. If you wish to bring a larger crowd, please inquire for an event quote and availability.

What if I cancel a reserved session?

The cancellation policy remains the same as it has always been at the studio. You may cancel any session with more than 48 hours notice. If you cancel within that 48 hour window then an $80 late cancellation fee will incur.

What about sharing membership?

Membership is limited to one artist or band. You may not share your membership with another artist. Group memberships are available for those with multiple artists looking to create individual projects. Please inquire for rates and availability.

What if a house engineer is not needed?

You are welcome to bring in your own engineer and producer, although we are always required to have one of our engineers in the room while sessions are in progress.

What Happens to my release if i cancel?

You will no longer have the Artist Consultant assigned to your release but you will continue to receive royalties without penalty.

Want more information or a free studio tour? Click below and a Castle Row team member will reach out!